Yeetus Computus - Morale Patch

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This commemorative patch will forever capture the single greatest reply to any Reply-All Storm the USAF has ever seen.  Was it a good solution?  No.  Would it have worked?  Yes.  

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when dealing with AFNET computers.  



Good Morning, I'm sorry to hear about your computer issue, I really have no
idea what your issue is or have a good solution to the problem, but here's a
shot anyway:

Unplug device, head for second story, open window and throw it out the
window, should get rid of the green screen. I hope this helps.


Rep "YEET" Lyall, Lt Col, USAF
Director of Operations/C-17 Evaluator Pilot

 *Of note, the email originated from Germany where the bottom floor is a ground floor and thus the pictured window is indeed a geographically accurate portrayal of 2nd floor yeetage.

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