About Us

RLH Design Group is a family run, veteran owned, business started in 2016.  

While in the military, collecting unit patches, commander's coins, and other swag from different people and places was always fun.  Not only did your collections detail your accomplishments, but it was also a great road map to indicate where you've been and measure how far you've come.  The best stories, however, came from the morale patches that commemorated silly inside jokes and team camaraderie.  

It is in that spirit that I first created Southfarthing Patch Company.  I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings and didn't see too many Tolkien themed morale patches out in the wild.  The entire series is about adventure, so why shouldn't it be commemorated in patch form that can be slapped on a ruck sack and taken into the wild.  As Southfarthing gained momentum, more and more ideas kept coming, and a lot that didn't have to do with Tolkien at all.  

It was at this point I created RLH Design Group.  A central location to collect all of my crazy ideas.  From digital art to  thread, thank you for stopping by to take part in this business with me.  I hope you can find something here that you can wear to show the world a piece of who you are.