Evil Queen - The Empress - Tarot Card

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 A spirit of creation, the need to build anew;

To build as only women can, a new life shall shall shine through;

Strive to the top in what you do, dare to be the best;

But don't let up and never quit, you cannot have a moment's rest;

A challenger will rise to take what you thought you have built;

There will always be a prettier flower as your petals begin to wilt;

There is only one way to keep your throne, one path to be found;

The game will end with you on top, if she is in the ground.


This 100% embroidered, Velcro backed, patch stands 4 inches tall.  Collect them all! 

Follow along with Tracy, the brains behind this patch, and her snarky adventures at The Lost Poppet.