"Remove Before Cyber" Morale Patch Keychain & RJ45 Loopback Device

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The ultimate tool for every Cyber Defender. This functional RJ45 Loopback device allows discerning CY-39 Interceptor operators to configure their Red Hat (or any other Linux OS) network interfaces without plugging into a live network. #nottodaystaneval

Licensed from HackMethod, this fully embroidered keychain meets all of your cyber needs.

Functional Loopback Device
Identify your keys easily
Tells everyone when you’re ready to cyber
Makes Pilots super jealous
Hand made with love
90% reduction in dust getting in your port
837% increase in penetration and/or cyber threat emulation capability
1776% increase in morale
1.5% increase in physical attractiveness

May cause strangers to follow you because of how cool you will be