MJ Bad Apple - Charity Patch

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Charity Patch Drop!

This beautiful patch designed by Luke Trahan is the first of a series of charity patches which will raise money for incredible causes throughout the United States. This particular patch stand's 4" tall, is 100% embroidered, and velcro backed.  It IS flammable, so you may wish to keep this patch away from Pepsi Commercials. 

Rules of the Drop:

You must select the patch option to get a patch! 

There is an extra donation option that is the default should you wish to donate extra.  You can add the extra donation option in $1 increments.  No additional patches will be given for extra donations.  Unfortunately, the extra donation option still charges for shipping, which means if you are NOT purchasing a patch, but still wish to donate, the minimum donation becomes $4 (that's $1 donation plus $3 shipping).  

All proceeds from this patch sale will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.  This is a highly rated charity with low expense ratios dedicated to helping families adopt or provide foster care. Picture proof of donation will be supplied on this website for verification after the first hour of sales and occasionally thereafter until all patches are sold.    

Thanks for your support!