Cyber 200 - Patch

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If you've spent a few weeks in Dayton, Ohio digging into the inner workings of networks and trying to stop the evil Tyroshi forces on behalf of Hyrule, then you deserve a star on your wings and a graduate patch on your sleeve. 

Commemorating the completion of the Joint Intermediate Cyber Operations course (aka Cyber 200, who knew it had a formal name?)  then you've earned the right to display this beautiful piece of embroidery.  

Delight in the lightning bolts signifying your ms08_067 exploit worked like a charm and then pivot through the networks like a stealthy ninja bringing cyber death to the Tyroshi infrastructure.  

This is modern warfare.  This is lethality.  This is Cyber.  

Standing 3.25" tall and eerily reminiscent of other graduate patches, this patch demonstrates you've partied your way through the hot spots of Dayton studied hard and still made it to class on time to win fights by slinging bytes.  

You've earned it.