CGO Operator Mafia (COM) - Patch

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<To be sung to the tune of "Modern Major General" from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance>

I am the very model of a modern cyber CGO;

I have info on command shells, reg keys, packets, and all GPOs;

I know my targets well and memorize my every CTO; 

Up in the heap so hard I might just cause a buffer overflow;


I understand both leadership and tech skills cannot go ignored;

And this dynamic mission set ensures I never will be bored;

I know my package may not be the way they want it for the board;

But I just want to win the fight, I am my nation's shield and sword;


They say as I promote, "no more hands-on! that's not the status quo!";

It's 2022, leading has changed, there is a new memo;

The enemy will fear me as tradecraft and tools will only grow;

So I must be the very model of a modern cyber CGO.


Each bar represents an LT combining into the "double LT" Captain.  

100% embroidered, hook backed, 3.25" tall.