67 COG - Ceramic Mug

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A lethal cyber operator typically starts their day with a few Tornados and an energy drink from the Express, but, on occasion they sip some freshly brewed roasted bean juice.  You, too, can sip your wakey wakey go-go juice from the finest of hand crafted ceramic drinking vessels.  This particular vessel is emblazoned with the 67COG logo and a few lines of Kali to get things started.  

The text states:

> search 067_COG

Matching Modules

Name                                    Disclosure Date        Rank    Description
----                                    ---------------        ----    -----------
cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup        2013-10-01            L337    Lethal Cyber Operations

> use cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup

exploit(cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup) > set RHOST "Our Nation's Adversaries"

exploit(cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup) > set payload 91/305/352/375/390/operators

exploit(cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup) > set LHOST "Security Hill"

exploit(cyber/warriors/pwn/067_COG_hackemup) > exploit

Product Description

  • 100% high-quality, strong ceramic mug.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe. 
  • 11 oz of drinkable goodness